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Parent Tools

Welcome to our parent tools page. Here you can find many useful tools and ways that you can participate in your child's education.

Maya Angelou Parent Involvement Plan

Angelou Elementary will support parent involvement by:

  • Reviewing and rewriting, if necessary, the school parent involvement policy

  • Utilizing the Johns Hopkins national Network for Partnerships School Model which includes an Action Team for Partnership approach

  • Distributing students testing information: MAP, WASL, and SUPERA/Terra Nova letter

  • Collecting information by survey

  • Providing a monthly newsletter

  • Providing annual school performance report

  • Encouraging reading at home 20 minutes a day

  • Encouraging parents to participate as school volunteers

  • Making telephone contacts

  • Holding parent teacher conferences

  • Making home visits

  • Providing English and Spanish radio stations information about activities

  • Encouraging Migrant and Bilingual parents to participate in the district Parent Advisory Committee

  • Encouraging involvement in National Young Reader’s Day

  • Providing all information sent home in English and Spanish

  • All information will be provided in two languages, English and Spanish.

Specific training activities for parents include:

  1. PAC Winter Conference

  2. PAC October, November, May meetings

  3. Title I Parent Conference

  4. Parent Education Center available at Captain Gray Early Learning Center

Additional Resources